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Coo-pe Information Centre is started way back in 2007. Coo-pe Information Centre is located at Coo-pe Trading Centre, Panykworo Village, Atiabar Parish, Bungatira Sub-county, Aswa County, Gulu District. Its 6km North of Gulu Town; thereon, after reaching Kitgum road, branch to the left following Patiko road to Coo-pe Information Centre which is located at the western side after Aswa Pilwak office. Coo-pe (in English mean, “No Men” is the short pronunciation but it’s “COO-PE KWEDE”

The Information Centre was started with the help of Rev.Fr Isaiah okello the parish Priest of Lukome Catholic parish through BOSCOUganda.Other Foundermental bodies are; Obuce Christopher and Odongo Euzeno.
Coo-pe Information Centre is offering to the people of coo-pe and Bungatira Sub-county at large the ongoing training of computer, and its where the people come and read or get new information of their likes. This centre can also provide the community a free counseling and referral of those with HIV/AIDs. They are also keeping poultry (Broiler), and farming (Agricultural production). The centre is also working to fight out Domestic Violence in the community. We follow-up the pupils in a new by schools for the best of the study. We trained people for good cultural dance and to maintain in a right way through Songs, Drama, and Dance.
Though we are training the community at large, but our room is very small which cannot keep more than 10 students, but the students who is coming for the training every period are many.

Therefore, we are planning to build another centre which is large compare with the one we have. It’s good enough that we have been offered a plot of land by the family of “Obal Joshua” to build in our new centre. We need to look for a way of helping our volunteers in all ways so that they can train tirelessly and also to registered more members (students).

Coope Information Centre

Inside Coope Information Centre
Inside Coope Information Centre

The most blessed land in the pearl of Africa (Uganda) is the Acholi land. It is gifted with so many cultures and these cultural practices are of very important values to the Acholi people. Such cultural practices include cultural dances,marriage,celebration of good harvest, shrines and more others are still looked at.

Our team members caught up and interviewed one of the elder of Acholi Patiko chiefdom ,Mr.Okello Edward Gopa-Gopa. This is what he had to tell us about the Acholi culture and life.
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Acholi is a very powerful tribe which migrated from southern Sudan with a well organized kingdom.The kingdom is divided into very many chiefdoms with their specific leaders. The combination of our leaders bring about a strong group of a luo speaking people. Our leaders are highly respected by their subjects and through the respect we give to them makes us able to preserve our culture continuously up to date. These chiefdoms are further more divided into many clans; therefore each clans practice their norms and traditions.That is why the clans share the same names of cultural practices such as cultural dances, traditional songs, worships but all of them have different skills and styles in comparison to themselves. As team2 of Coope information center, we are hoping to build a hall for our cultural items, tools, instruments, signs and symbol, and many more. This will help the people of the coming generation to remember their culture other than letting it to fade till they do not exist anymore.Therefore, we call for assistance from our local leaders, elders,cultural leaders and the entire community members. With these, we will get pride and proud for who we are. This is what makes us proud Acholi.