Cholera is an acute,diarrheal illness cause by infection of the intestine. Housefly is the sturborn diseases carrier to's hates clean environment with no food stuff remainants,cover food,boiled food/water or even humanor animal dungs that are not on display. Much as this is not possible in many places mostly especially in coo-pee major vending areas or centres it's possible in coo-pee markets,Health centres bore hole. Through the following areas any body can get risked to cholera:-

(a) MARKETS any body can get risked to cholera through the following:(i) buying any meal which hasn't been protected or covered well to avoid the entry of the germs,ie yellow c,row mangoes etc.

(b) HOTEL, you will get contact with cholera in hotels also the ways is as follows (I) many hotels in coo-pee they don't boiled their drinking water meant for the people or customers and this water might have been feched from acontaminated well or spring like wang arom here in coo-pee and other water sources around.And some hotel has same cooking hall with the eating room which might be danger for flies in transmitting germ addition to that many hotels are not clean in term of health

(c) LATRINE you wiil get in contact with cholera through larine in this way un covered pit hall for the control of flies in and out in their transmission of germ to any meals

(d) RUBISH PIT heaps of rubish in the rubish pit must be burnt b'se flies may tranmitte the germ from the pit to any prepared meals in a house hold. And a cholera victim may experience this kind of symptom and sign,
(I) diarrhea
(ii) vomiting of clear fluid
(III) leg cramps this mean your muscle doesn't relax

The prevention measure for cholera,this diseases may be generally prevented through cleaniness,eating hot food,drinking boiled water,not eating before washing your hand etc. inconclusion if you any body is suffering with cholera or yourself the best think to do is to seck for a medical care around b'se you may die in within 5 minute.