The Northern war conlicts in Uganda

Uganda is a country found in East Africa.Its The Pearl of Africa known for it’s resourses.In addition to that, it’s blessed with very many cultures and tribes.

Uganda has been affected by war for almost beyond two decades. These wars were mainly in the Northern parts especially Gulu, Kitgum, Lira, Apac, Pader, Amuru and some parts of Eastern Uganda.All these are Districts tremendously affected by the wars in the northern Uganda.

Up to now, a lot of people still consider the Northern Uganda region as a war zone.This is not true,peace has been retrieved back and the people are living happilly.Reconsilliation has been done, thanks to the all the Religious groups and the Government who put in most of their emphasis to make sure these war came to an end. Peace is really prevailling.

A lot of questions have been asked about these conflicts.These questions could be both negative and possitive.For instant, if somebody asked where you were from, and you answered any of the Northern Districts, the next question would be to find out if you were a rebel. In some cases when you are such a group, you find yourself out of place and being offended.Therefore, we need not to bring back the war memories unnecessary quetions because it is’nt friendly.

The whole world should know that wars come and go and what happenned is history for life which we will live to remember.Thanks to helping countries and individuals who contributed to the end these wars.


Uganda is a land lock country that is base in east africa with a few population compare to the near country ie,ky,tz and with abeautiful features,historical site etc .
Some of the misconception about uganda is :-1.we are corrupt.

In general ugandan are well know as a true corrupt country in africa but it’s not true.
And this are some of the misconcept that the outsider normally call upon ugandan.That we are corrupt.and i need to challenge those rumour that it’s not true.
And this are some of the question the outsider may asked me with regarding the issue of corruption in uganda. i bought a copy of new vision and on top it has written clearly that ugandan are the country who is leading in the practice of corruption in east africa follow by kenya is that true?
2.from your own understanding do you think who should be blame on the issue of corruption is it the government or the local community member’s?
3.what could we do as a ugandan who our name has been spoil among the corrupt member’s?
And this are some of the qeustion that may offen me.
1.are you corrupt?

2.what is the benefit of corruption?