Diarrhoea and Dysentery would not have been prominent in our community of Atiyabar if the sanitary knowledge could be put in practical approach by the local dwellers.Most of the local communities tend to ignore the public places for basic needs like;market,water-source,toilet/latrine in terms of cleanliness .

Mostly there are possible risk of diseases mentioned above due to the following sanitary situation in these places as below; 1. Market place not catered for in term of hygiene it has only one-half wrecked latrine with no lids and door shutters and never maintained. well as the unitary shelter and rubbish-pit which are all only 20meters away from the market place . 2.Water-source :Atiyabar parish has a number of water sources with about 40%protected spring,30%bore-hole 20%unprotected well,10%taps But you may not believe your eyes when you come across one.Take for example wang- Arom as the main supply near the trading centre of coo-pee in Atiyabar .

it's a well designed protected spring but her biggest problem is poor maintenance since it has unopened tunnel leading to flooding of the space. not slashed and dug to direct running water away. not fenced to stop people and animals from destroying the well. people wash and spread clothes on the well and sometime on the wall. there is possibility of people bathing in the well. Possible Solutions sensitizing the local communities on the dangers of poor sanitation. strict by-laws should be put by the local leaders against poor hygiene and sanitation.