ECD is abbreviated as early childhood development and the research has been done in coo-pe ECD school by team1_cic_uganda ECD is the second stage of learning a child apart from home with the assist of father,mother and other elders but ECD is the very stage where a child can be taught among similar age mate from 3-7 yrs old and in different level,ie level 1,2&3 and ECD centres is well-known of different positive and negative interference at school as named above. ECD centre children are reluctant compare to primary school and other nursery school assuming one child is playing at the time of lesson you are not suppose to disturb him or her.because their brain is still developing.
2.Teaching ECD is difficult as the new curriculum brought in by ugandan government that any child from K.1-P.4 must be taught in his/her owned language for example acholi by the acholi people and yet a child can start mastering English when he is totally young enough than when he is big.
Eg.assuming i had two children one studied in private and one studied in government school, whom they are all sitting this year in PLE one between them studied at private school where this new system of teaching a child with the local language is totally not their apart from English and one has been under the programme do you think that their result will all be fair?
3.most of the ECD and Nursery school where not owned by the govrenment which mean that all the associated problem government can’t solve b’se it’s owned by private individual.