It is illegal for people under age to buy and drink alcohol in most countries and community. Preferably, the age limit begin form 18 years and above.

Alcohol abuse can lead to alcohol addiction – loosing control over your drinking so that it messes up your life, relationships, school, work, or your health.

Alcohol interferes with the working of your brain and body and can lead to permanent damage and diseases.
Taking alcohol increases the risk of HIV. Alcohol confuses your judgement and may cause you to be careless like have sex without condoms which is very risky to HIV infections.

Unlicensed alcoholic drinks are dangerous because it may be poisonous and can lead to blindness or even death.
Looking at all these facts and effects seriously will help most people to know how painful alcoholism can be in our lives. We should not take drinking alcohol as a daily activity that enhances our life, its a complete destruction to our life**.