malaria is a very common vector disease in tropical region of the world including most part of uganda especially in the north. malaria is cause by a germs called protozoa.

The kind of protozoa causing malaira is called plasmodium(malaria parasit) how dosemalaria is spread. malaria is spread by a femailyanophelesmosquito. When affected female anophelesmosquito bits aperson ,it injects malaria parasit into the bloodstream. the blood takes these prarsit to the liver. in liver ,parasit multiply manytimes in the liver cells.later these burst releasing th parasit in to the bloodstream again. in the bloodstream, the new parasit enter the red bloodcells. inside the red blood cell , the parasitgrows and multiply until the cells burst releasing more parasit in the blood stream. these new parasite contnue attacking red bloodcell and the personsuffers from malaria.
when a female anopheles mosquitos bit such a person suffring malaira , the mosquito suck these parasite in to its gutinside the mosquito, the parasites undergo some kind oof grow and development ready to be pass to human being. sign of malaria. when you are attac k by malaria,it begin with chill(felling cold and headache). later you have fever, headache and pin in the back and joint of the limds finaly you begin to sweat a lot and later the fever gose down. you will fill very weak and loss appetite such attack ocur after every 2-3days.
there is : headache,fever,chills, weakness and loss of appetite. treatment of malaria if you notces some of the sign of malaria go to the nearest hostpital for medical examination. prevention of malaria malaria is a danger sous disease which kill many peaple there for prevention should be taken seriously .

it can be prevented by controlling mosquitos. draning stagnant water where mosquito lay egg . clearing tell grass and bushes aruond home removing and distroying tins broken pots and other container in the home which may hold water. kill mosquito by using insecticide sleep under mosquitonet taking anti-malariamedecines regulary as dircted by the doctor.