During the late months of last year 2010 and the early months of 2011, election campaigns were at its highest. Candidates were all unsettled as they were looking forward to win their seats in the required field of their ranks. These include the presidential election, the parliamentary election, election of District leaders and other small posts such as the local leaders of particular areas.

To our surprise,the election did not go on as planned. Too much election rigging at all levels ranging from top to bottom (Presidential election to District level), many lifes were lost due to competition from the ruling party and other opposition parties, rioting was at it maximum in almost all towns country wide. And the worst part is that the elections at local levels were not conducted. These include the local council one and two together with their council committee members.

Its almost going to one year and no information is yet given to the community members at parish and village level on when the elections will be conducted. This has left people to wonder whether this country is a democratic one. The local people find it difficult to send out their voices since they don’t know where to start from.

The Election commissioner complains about the lack of money to conduct the remaining elections. This so weird when we hear the that the Government has bought fighting jets to increase and support the country’s security. As we all know that the country is at peace, they should not waste money on such issues of fighting jets which is not non developmental when this election problem is not solved.

The most funny one is how it is possible to spend trillion of shillings to organise the swearing in of the elected President. Such money could have been used to fund and conduct the unfinished elections.

We as team two found it hard to write about it but it was necessary to expose our problems so that we find the possible and suitable solution to them.

Here is one of the local council one to be and also tendering the village community market at coo-pe centre, Mrs. Aluum Dorcus Bodo.
external image SAM%201906_large.jpg

Our local council to be, Mrs. Aluum Dorcus Bodo

She says she is very disappointed with what is happening. If only she could change the bad things to good one, she would have done it long time, but at the moment she has not yet been elected and does not know when it will take place. Therefore, she is appealing to the government to speed up the election process at local levels for her to find her fate to lead her people in a truthful way. Therefore, Election has to be free and fair so that we can be able to value ourselves as democratic people living in a democratic country. With this, we will have the pride for being good and proud citizens. These are the information we have managed to gather collectively as team two members of Coo-pe.