A lot has happened during the Northern war conflicts; many internal displace camps were formed, many lifes and properties were lost, destruction of landscapes, early marriages between the young children forcing them to become child mothers and fathers who could hardly manage a family.
Peace has been retrieved, all the camps have been discharged and people went back to their original homes and still their sufferings are unending. They have to struggle hard to make a living out of their own. The most suffering category are the Child mothers. Looking at the economic crisis of the Country and hiking commodity prices make them to struggle to survive. Most of these under-aged mothers have have two children and above and this makes it very hard for them to sustain their children. Others started small scaled business to help in the family upkeep, but still it is not enough to smoothly sustain their families.
Our team caught up and and interviewed one of these child mothers and this is what she had to say.