The economic status and what is most likely to be in the near future

A country which used to be praise through out the Africa is now losing the reputation it used to have. Under contrary, the Pearl of Africa is turning into the mess of Africa. Economically, we are losing too much value and if this is to continue, how will this be in the near future?
Food price are shooting up, the shillings are losing its value, transport costs are almost tripling up.How will it be in two to three years to come if these are to continue?

When we flash back to find out these has come to be, we consider very many reasons as to why the country is such crisis. These includes the following.

1. The past elections.
Its so obvious that Uganda spent to much money in the elections. Nearly the country’s budget was spent to finance the election. What a poor planning for the Government and up to now some elections were not conducted and still pending. Should a serious country really allow this to happen?.

2.New fighting Jets.
Recently, the country claimed it had bought two fighting jets worth two hundreds million dollars. This is too shaming since the country’s budget cannot reach that amount. This country wants to classify herself as a super power, but how is possible when her citizens are suffering?

3.Corruption and Bribery.
Surely, this is not the first time Uganda is be known for its corruption and bribery practices. These starts from the top leaders to local leaders. We as the citizens are in the shadows, so we need to open our eyes and see the lights.

Therefore, what should be done to solve these problems? Do we have to resume back to the old fashion of trade?. These has to be worked on.