"Wang Arom" is one of the water source serving the communities of coo-pe trading center. It's located just 200ms west of coo-pe Health Center II. Much of the communities relies on this water source for clean water, the water is indeed not clean; -

We took a research around the water source and observed that the water source is not providing clean water because the people surroundings couldn't think of keeping it clean. Alot of rubbish is in the water source and just it being a spring well it also not well protected in the followings ways: alot of used up papers like polythenes(kavera) are lit red every,sugar cane remains and clothes are just washed at the tunnel where water is supposed to flow and in long run has block the continuous flow of water causing the a funny smell of the surrounding area of the water source. Dear friends please let us not have this similar cases every where let us try to clean and slash around our water sources not only spring wells but also the bore holes etc if not then most likely you will be facing a serous risk of disease like diarrhea, cholera ,typhoid etc not just you don't have access to a protected water source but because you can not keep and use the available source hygienically. A picture of wang Arom spring protected well will be attacheed to this article very soon.


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We have to clean our water point to prevent disease. This borehole is located in coo-pe, The borehole has helped thousand of people squaring coo-pe for 6 years now, and its still functioning.
This is the water point, it has been constructed with the help of the organization. The bore-hole is located in coo-pe . The people use to contribute money monthly to protect the water point.