population growth rate population is simply define as the total number of people living in an area. growth simply define as the increase in number of any thing or in size. this is a research done by team1_cic_uganda on the reason why population is in high growth rate in our community and we came with alot of assumption on this research and this are the reason why population are increasing daily in our community.

1.it’s their right to give birth and it’s a right to all living people but some are taking it as giving birth to many children is a source of wealth to family member’s.this is commonly practice by young child mother whom we asked one in our research that how many child do you want to have in future she respond that 8 we asked her why? she started!

2. . northern uganda war has affected their family so much as on their family they were 4 but now days she is the only one on earth as LRA kill those three and this is some of the reason.

3. . Death rate of various child from 3-7 yrs old where many parent think that they will lose their children during that age and they should add much as many children were the practice is increasing the population growth in a community.

4.. It’s a source of family wealth and this is mostly practice in low living standard family where they think that many
children in the family especially boys are source of man power

5. some parent has a very large plenty of land whom they think those land with giving many as much children to full fill the land.

6. .Desire of not having the same sex, ie of boys only and they find desire to a girl child and you find that population is increasing b’se if he\she doesn’t have that girl child then they will continue giving birth for that sex they want.

And the only solution to this are?
1 .use of contraceptive like pill plan,family planning etc.
2 .government must open the programme of teaching community on the danger of over population and the result to our community and you?